Things are going better

After having been injured for a good while now, I am happy to say I am 95% back into full swing. I am beginning to get my mileage up too, and I’ve begun to do speed work as well. I say 95%, because I can still feel a bit of discomfort now and then in […]

Overcoming Achilles Injuries

Well, I think I did it! I ran over 70 km last week, and it’s not worse this week! In fact, I think it’s a bit better. Finally, some light is shining at the end of that long tunnel! It IS possible to overcome achilles injuries. I have been getting ultra sound treatment now for […]

Haile wins Dubai Marathon in 2:06:09

Haile Gebrselassie wins in Dubai in 2:06:09 The Dubai Marathon was offering $1 million if Haile could break his own world record of 2:03:59. However, the pace wasn’t fast enough this time – he reached the halfway point in 1:02:51. Although Gebrselassie did not break the record, and he won again. 2:06:09 is pretty good […]

K-100 Relay photos

I looked through some photos on my computer today, and I found some inspiring shots from the K-100 relay from 2008 and 2009. The K-100 Relay is an amazing relay in Kananaskis country, in the Canadian Rockies.  I have run in this relay for the last 5 years, I think. Perhaps it’s 6, I’m not […]

Running in the cold

One of the benefits with living in Alberta is that you get to run in variety of weather conditions. In the summer, we have hot days and we all complain about it. Then we have days like most of December 2009, where the quicksilver dipped under -30 quite a few times. Brr. Ahh, the beauty […]

First indoor run

I went to the Edgeworth Centre indoor track yesterday, and I ran my longest run for a good while, about 10 kilometres. It was my first indoor run this winter. My injured calf muscle has been getting better this last week, but I could definitely tell on this run that it isn’t healed up quite […]