4 x 1600 is a great workout

I did my third 4 x 1600 of the season tonight. It was warm, 21 degrees, and minimal wind. I really like this workout. It can be painful and make me want to quite half-way through it, but somehow, I always seem to finish this workout well. Tonight, I had my fastest 4 x 1600 […]

Slow Start…

This has been a poor year for running so far for me. I have been so busy with renovations, teaching, etc, plus the weather was really bad here in Alberta this winter. Super cold and lots of snow! I am getting back into it now, albeit slowly. I find that after several weeks of no […]

Bonking before the marathon

Wait a minute, bonking shouldn’t happen before the marathon, should it? Shouldn’t happen at all of course, if you prepare properly. Well, I learned something this last weekend. Before you run a 2.5 hour run in hilly terrain, you have to fuel up. Like I didn’t know that… but here’s what happened. I went on […]