Devil’s 5K Donovan Bailey Invitational

My 8 year-old daughter and I went to see the Donovan Bailey Invitational track meet in Edmonton on June 16. Some of my friends were there, so they offered to look after the girl while I checked if they needed another runner for the Devil’s 5,000 meter race. Turns out I was in, just like that!

The Devils’ 5 K is a fun event – a bunch of runners do a 5 K race, and the Devil himself takes out runners, one by one, by tapping/tagging the runner with that pitch fork of his. The first lap, everyone is okay, but the next time the runners come by the Devil, he will take out the guy who is last at the time.

I am the guy in the blue t-shirt, almost always last! Except I sped up on the home stretch of each lap, so I managed to not get taken by the Devil! It was fun and hard. 300 meters of recovery, and a 100 meter sprint – lap after lap. I finished in 16:30, which is a great time for me under “regular conditions”.

Check out the video below. Too bad the guy doing the filming didn’t follow the Devil’s deeds more… that’s where the fun were, and who cares about the top guys anyway in a race like this?

Watch more video of 2012 Donovan Bailey Invitational, NTL #3 on

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