Calgary Marathon 2012 Weekend

A cold morning, but perfect for running! It was plus 1 degree Celsius at 5:30 in the morning. It wasn’t so cold once we got running, however.

I ran the Jugo Juice 10 km, and I placed as 1st Masters runner, and 7th overall with the time 34:36. That’s a pretty slow time for me, but I’ll take it. I didn’t have much in the legs today. I think Friday’s Mile race wasn’t the ideal preparation…and the half marathon a week ago were in my legs a bit still, but it’s all about having fun. Hopefully I can find another 10 km race later this summer, and come rested for it. I would like to go below 33:40 this year.

My friend Gerhard ran a solid race, just under 44 minutes.

The half-marathon was won by Kip Kangogo in 1:07:14, and my friend Andy Pohl had an excellent race, placing 4th overall with 1:13:02.

My pal Marty Robertson won the Masters category in the half with 1:17:23.

The Marathon was quick, with Bernard Onsare winning in 2:22:45, and my friend David Corbett came in 10th with a 2:49.

I have a problem with my hip. It’s really tight on one side and I feel like I”m running crooked. It’s quite sore too after a race. The right leg won’t extend properly, and the longer the race, the more it locks up. I need to work on my stretching and see if I can get this sorted out.

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