The Blue Mile Race Edmonton 2012

Uh oh. Missed the start! I ran the fun run mile first with my 8-year old daughter. Soon thereafter, the open Blue Mile race would start, but I thought I had time to go to the bathroom first. Apparently not! I came out of the porta-potty, ran quick towards the start and hear the gun go off… and the runners coming towards me.

I jumped into the crowd somewhere in the middle, and gradually worked my way up. I had a good battle with my friends Chris Stone and Tom McGrath. I ended up just ahead of them with a 4:48 mile.

The “funny” thing is that both Chris AND Tom ALSO missed the start! The jumped in right behind me and sprinted like maniac the first 400 meters. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw them blow by me at 200 meters into the race… in fact, I saw a 4th guy also miss the start.

You know, sometimes things just go a little wrong. No sweat – just hope it doesn’t happen in the most important event of your life!

You are probably wondering if I have ever missed a start before? Yes, of course! I missed the start of the 10 km race at World’s Masters Games in Edmonton in 2005. Oh well, life goes on. But hey, for the next race, try to be at the start area well in advance, okay?

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