2011 Cross Country Running National Championships Vancouver

Mud Fest it was! I had hoped to improve my 6th place in the Masters race from Guelph last year. Nope, 7th this time, and my time was 29:04. Looking back at the race yesterday, I feel like I’m in better shape than last year, and I would have run much quicker if it hadn’t been so dang wet. 7th place is okay though. I had 27:07 last year, and the conditions made for about 2 minute slower times this year, at least for some runners like me.

I really suck at running in sloppy conditions, whether it’s mud or a pile of wet snow. I think I’m too weak in my lower body – feels my stride and technique just collapses.

The course was just crazy muddy! Sink holes, and puddles 2 feet deep. It was just plain ugly. I know some runners love this stuff, and I don’t mind the dirty part – I just don’t run fast in conditions like these.

I took some photos for Senior Womens and Senior Mens races – will post them soon.

I missed watching the Junior races – I had to go inside to warm up my frozen feet.


The 2011 XC Nationals Running Results have been posted on Athletics Canada’s website.

In the Womens race, Kendra Schaaf ran a hard, impressive race and nobody could stick with her. Megan Brown ran a great race as well, and there was  bit of a gap to 3rd place.

1   Schaaf, Kendra  25:00
2   Brown, Megan A25:08
3   Pidhoresky, Dayna 25:47

The Men’s race had a fairly large group for a while, but last year’s winner Cam Levins put the hammer down after 2 laps, and he looked amazingly strong the whole way. He kept on pulling away from the rest of the field and won by a large margin. Very impressive.

You can see from these times how slow the course was. Last year, on a hillier course, Cam won in 29.25. This year, he had 32:04.

1   Levins, Cameron  32:04
2   Britt, Barry 32:49
3   Winter, Chris 32:51


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