Oasis Zoo Run 2011

This race served as Athletics Canada’s 2011 Canadian 10km Road Race Championship, as well as Timex Road Race Series Finale.

Ahh, what a day I had. This is going to sound stupid, but oh well. What happened was, I got a 13 km warmup before my race. My hotel was only about 5 km from the zoo, so I decided to get up early and walk/jog there. I carefully wrote down the instructions on a piece of paper, and studied the map. Well, it turns out I read the map wrong. What I thought to be east, was actually west. By the time I realized this (after asking a guy walking his dog), I had already put in a half hour jog… so I had to backtrack try to get to race start in time. I hadn’t picked up my race bib either. However, I got there 10 minutes before race start, WELL WARMED UP… hehe! I got my race big right away and got ready in time.

The race was fun. I actually felt quite good, but my speed wasn’t quite there. We know the reason… My 5km splits were 16:43 (ok) and 17:41 (bad). There were lots of turns and a few little hills too, so I found it to be a slow course, but still fun to run.

I got spanked by 2 women, and I managed to sprint by Malindi Elmore at the last second. I had to apologize to her after!

I had 34:23 and was 4th Master. I think I would have been 3rd if I had done a shorter warmup….

The results are posted at www.canadarunningseries.com/results/2011/zoo/zoo.htm

The top guys were

    1   29:34.6   29:33.7  2:58    2 COOLSAET, Reid     
    2   29:41.6   29:41.3  2:59    3 GILLIS, Eric     
    3   30:12.2   30:12.2  3:02   28 ONGERI, Josephat   
    4   30:13.7   30:13.7  3:02   12 MACHARIA, Giitah     
    5   30:19.7   30:19.7  3:02    4 WYKES, Dylan      
    6   30:24.0   30:23.1  3:03    1 WATSON, Rob   
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