Sinister 7 2011 – our team won

We won the Sinister 7 again! Our team name was Cool Running.

Last year, we won because the 2 top teams got lost. This year, we had a much faster team, but this year, we had serious competition from a fast team from the USA. They were very tough.

The race was dramatic today. Our first runner was first on leg 1 by about a minute. Our 2nd guy lost about 10 minutes after missing a turn. They then extended their lead a bit on leg 3. Then I made 2 minutes back on my leg 4. On leg 5, their runner got waaaaay lost and our guy was suddenly ahead. We weren’t sure by how much. Our guy on leg 6 got a bad, bad cramp and barely finished. We thought we lost the race there. However, we were still in the lead though! The 7th and last leg ended up being a victory run – the other team had lost too much time on leg 5 and that was it. We won, again!

I feel sorry for a runner who gets lost on course. I have done it in the past, and it is no fun, especially when that means your team loses 1st place. However, it happens, and it is very easy to get lost in trail running. It can happen to anybody.

It was dramatic and a lot of fun. My leg was very hard, 32 km hard mountain run and I ran out of water the last 5 km. Ugly. I still was fastest on leg 4 though.

Some photos of the area – the beautiful Crowsnest Pass. Fantastic race – highly recommended!
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