K-100 Relay 2011

I survived yet another K-100 relay in Kananaskis, and it was a lot of fun. I ran leg 5 again, some 50 seconds slower than my time last year, but in my defense, I claim it was way windier, and also colder. I got 5th place on my leg (again). It was only about +5 degress Celsius at Highwood Pass, and I swear – I saw snow in the air! I couldn’t feel my hands or fingers when I finished.

What is the K-100 Relay?


The K-100 is a hundred mile relay in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. I think it’s a little shorter than 100 miles to be honest, but who cares. It’s a beautiful course, just amazing. You usually see a lot of wildlife as well, including grizzlies, black bears, elk, big horn sheep, etc.

This was a 25th year anniversary for the relay. I don’t know remember exactly how many times I’ve done this race, but I’m pretty sure I was there for the 20th anniversary too.

Our team, the Camrose Pirates, finished in 5th place in the Open category, which was very competitive this year. The top 2 teams were insanely fast. Some major recruiting must have had taken place!

Results are posted here.

If you like running relays and you haven’t done the K-100, then this is one you have to do. Highly recommended – well organized, friendly people, fun, clever team names, spectacular scenery, amazing course and stiff competition!


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