Northlands Park 1 Mile Race 2011

The Northlands Park 1 Mile race 2011 was fun as it always is. This year, the weather was a bit nastier than last year. It was cold and some light rain came down as well.


I ran in the 40-49 category, and I followed behind Shawn Muldrew, who is an ace at middle distance running. With 150 meters to go, I was still right behind so I decided to kick as hard as I could all the way to the finish. To my surprise, I immediately got a meter or two, and managed to keep it all the way in. I had 4:50.6 and Shawn was right behind in 4:50.8 – see results here.

The Elite races for Women and Men were very interesting to watch. Malindi Elmore impressed us all immensely with her strong running. The Men’s race was intense, with a large group sticking together. Jordan Mara ended up having the best kick at the end, and won in 4:17.9.

SeeĀ all results here

The Northland’s Mile Race is a great event for families. There is a kids half mile race early in the evening, and then the different age category races, and last the Elite races.

There is even a Beer Mile at the end of the night! I did it last year, but I skipped it this year. My friend Brendan did it and ended up 3rd I think.

A big thanks to Matt Norminton, who does an amazing job organizing this event. Matt works hard for the running community in Edmonton – be sure to thank him when you see him!


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