Slow Start…

This has been a poor year for running so far for me. I have been so busy with renovations, teaching, etc, plus the weather was really bad here in Alberta this winter. Super cold and lots of snow!

I am getting back into it now, albeit slowly. I find that after several weeks of no running, I get very sore from even shorter runs. Oh, I ain’t a teenager any more!

In late March, I went back to Sweden to see family, and I met my old running friends from 25-20 years ago over dinner. Yes, OLD we are getting… but it was good fun to see them all.

Have you used the Garmin 405CX by the way? I am thinking about getting because I’m too lazy to update my training log by myself. The Garmin does it for me, which I need. I have no energy left to update my log after I run. I did say I’m getting old, didn’t I?

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