Grant MacEwan Exhibition Grand Prix 2010

Today was a super nice day, with around 25 degrees and sunny. It’s wonderful to be able to run in weather like this in October!

Our teams did well today, and Augustana took home the combined team award! Things are looking great for both our womens and mens teams.

I ran today too, and placed 4th overall, behind Kip Kangogo, Ed Kangogo, and Dylan Hackenbrook. I felt quite strong today, better than in Red Deer last weekend.

Men’s top 6:

Kip Kangogo M3034 rrac 26:23 1
Ed Kangogo M2029 rrac 28:04 2
Dylan Hackenbrook m2029 open 28:24 3
Robert Renman 35+ – 40 open 29:14 4
Devin Woodland m0019 GPRC 29:36 5
Buddy Brown m0019 AUG 29:52 6

Women’s top 6:

Shari Boyle 35+ – 37 citc 18:56 1
Ciara Kary f0019 UCAC 19:33 2
Fiona Benson f0019 GPRC 20:34 3
Shannon Maisano F3034 Open 21:02 4
Jesslyn Begin F2029 RDC 21:03 5
Kathryn Stone F2029 AUG 21:19 6

Two weeks from now, Augustana will be hosting the next race, Grand Prix #5. Looking forward to this one. I am curious to see what our top runners can do on our course. Both Buddy and Andy are capable of running low 28:00’s, or perhaps even under. I am hoping for a sub 29:00 time for myself, which would be my fastest Augustana race time since 1999.

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