Calgary Half-Marathon 2010

The race went quite well. I finished in 1:14:55, which gave me the Masters title and $300 for the effort. I think this was my fastest half marathon in about 10 years, so I am definitely happy with this race.

I ran the first 10 km in 35:20 and I didn’t feel like I had a lot of power in my stride. I saw Paul McCloy and another fellow (Aaron) a few seconds ahead of me, and I kept chasing them. At about 15 km, I caught up to them. I pushed the pace for a little while, but they hung on. At about 18 km, Paul fell back a bit and I tried to increase the pace. Aaron stayed with me. Then with a mile to go, I was by myself and I worked as hard as possible so that I could get under 1:15.

The weather was good for running. It had rained just before the race, and there was no wind. During the race, no rain was coming. However, after the race, it got quite cold and a bit wet. The awards ceremony was delayed a bit due issues with results, so standing around waiting on the muddy and wet field was no fun.

Now I will need to start training a little more volume, since I’m going to try and get in a good marathon time at the Edmonton Marathon in August.

The half marathon was won by Dave Jackson in 1:09:40. On the marathon, Graeme Wilson finished first in 2:32:14. Kip Kangogo won the 10 km race in 30:22, and Luke Ratzlaff finished first in the 5 km race in 17:44.

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