Red Deer Half-Marathon 2010

Red Deer Half-Marathon 2010 was a cold and miserable run for me. I still ran quite well; 3rd place in 1:15:34 and only 14 seconds behind second place. The weather was on the cool side though, and there was a strong wind this day.

The course was different this year, which meant more turns and a few kilometres of running on a gravel path. I think I liked the old course better, to be honest.

The good thing is that I felt much better in my legs after this race, compared to the Vancouver half marathon I ran two weeks ago. I think I am getting stronger, although perhaps not so much faster. That is a good sign though, because I need strength for the Edmonton Marathon in August.

This coming weekend, I am going to Calgary to run the half-marathon there. I am hoping to go under 1:15 then, since it’s a flat course and the weather will be better.

My friends did well today too. In the marathon, Ian ran 3:03, Warren 3:08, Stuart 3:22, Mary 4:30 and a 15 year old from Camrose ran 3:40 in his first marathon.

Karly had 1:54 on the the half, same time as Alvin, and Denise had a tough day and finished in 2:38.

Jack Cook won the marathon, and Russ McLellan was first on the half.

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One thought on “Red Deer Half-Marathon 2010

  1. Don’t count on the weather being nicer… not looking so good. It is a flat course, slight up hill at the finish, and be wary of the Camber on Memorial Drive, I like to run up near the median to stay as flat as possible. Good Luck, maybe we’ll see you there!

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