Ole’s Spring Run Off 2010

The inaugural race Oles’ Spring Run Off was a success!

As for myself, I placed first on the 8 km race, with the time of 27:19. I was sore all week from the Vancouver half-marathon, but once I started the race, I felt better than I thought I would.

Brendan Lunty took it out at 3:20 for the first kilometre, and after about 2 clicks, I went up to the front, and from then I held it together. I wasn’t feeling that strong, since I had trouble recovering from the half-marathon the previous week. I kind of surprised myself my coming in at 27:10, only some 10-12 seconds over my course record from last year. Good sign, I think.

David Arial, Kelly Bauer and Evan Smelquist came in just over 30 minutes. Megan Hodges, Kathryn Stone and Susan MacDonald were the top 3 in the women’s category.

It was a great day overall. This was our first ever Ole’s Spring Run Off, and with over 170 race participants, I think we can say it was a success.

The 3 km race went well too, and the 1 km kids race was very entertaining. Over 50 kids ran like greased lightning! It was so awesome to see.

Naturally, we had the mascot of Ole Uffda, and the kids really loved having him around.

Race results available on http://www.camroserunning.ca/oles_spring_run_off/results/

The Camrose Public Library is receiving $1,000 from the proceeds from this race, and they will be used towards the childrens’ reading club.

Thanks everyone who came out to our event!

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One thought on “Ole’s Spring Run Off 2010

  1. i’d say that’s a great sign! Nice work! We have our first club fun race on June 19th, I hope it’s half as successful as yours!

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