Best long run so far this year

Training has been going quite good the last few months, and I’m keeping my weekly distance at about 80 – 90 kilometres. As usual, the lack of real long runs stares in my face when I look back at my running log. I’ve gone over 2 hours just a few times this whole year. If nothing, it helps me decide to not enter a marathon any time soon…

However, I did get a good long run in with Ian on Sunday – a 2 hour and 30 minutes run is now logged. Feels good to have done one that felt fairly easy too. The pace was nice and steady, and I picked it up towards the end a bit – probably about 4:10 per km on the last 2-3 km. Ian has had some injury problems this winter but I think he’s doing good now – he ran farther than I did today.

Next, I am running the St. Albert 10 miler on Sunday, which I am really looking forward to. I hear the weather is going to be quite warm, which I don’t mind. As long as it’s not a lot over 20 degrees, I’m good. I had a really good time there last year, and I placed 3rd overall. I doubt I can repeat the same performance this year, but I’ll try. I definitely did more tempo runs and intervals last winter and spring, so I probably won’t have quite the same speed just yet.

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