Things are going better

After having been injured for a good while now, I am happy to say I am 95% back into full swing. I am beginning to get my mileage up too, and I’ve begun to do speed work as well.

I say 95%, because I can still feel a bit of discomfort now and then in the achilles. I am a bit scared to full stretch out my stride, so to speak, but things have continued to improve over the last few months, so I can definitely not complain.

Last weekend, I ran 27 km, and I did notice some slight pain the days after that. I’ll just have to be careful for a bit longer when it comes to doing hard and long runs.

I now have my sights set on the St Albert 10 miler in April, and my hope is I will be able to get in some good training until then.

It’s about time I get some new running shoes too. I’ll have to go look at what’s available in the city. My last runners were Adidas Supernova Sequence, and I have really liked these a lot. I hope can find another pair of these for training.

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2 thoughts on “Things are going better

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