Achilles Woes Continue…

So, after a 6 day complete rest, I went for a 45 minute run on Sunday with Ian. The plan was to rest the calf and achilles tendon completely, so that the area could heal up better.

Well, not a very successful experiment. I felt the pain the achilles and/or calf halfway through the run. Bummer. I really wanted to feel like it had healed more, so that I could feel stronger. Not so.

I went to physiotherapy again, and was told to keep doing massage, stretching and easy runs, so I guess that’s what I’ll continue with and hope that these issues go away with time.

Easy runs aren’t making the problems worse, and resting completely aren’t making it any better so… there you go!

Achilles Tendon

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One thought on “Achilles Woes Continue…

  1. It’s no fun figuring out the fine line between how much, too much, and nothing. Our bodies are such a mystery and the wonder of them is their ability to heal. We truly have been “fearfully and wonderfully” made. As you’ve encouraged me with my running woes – don’t give up.

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