How to get a Timex Ironman Watch wristband replaced

The local watch repair places I talked to just shook their heads when I showed them the broken mess I had brought with me. However, one place said I could call Timex directly. Great idea, I figured, let’s try it! I called, and of course they were closed for the holidays.

Next attempt – let’s email them. I wrote them an detailed message and got an auto-responder saying, “we are closed, will not respond to email during this time, bla bla bla”. Ahh, the joy of consuer woes.

However, yesterday I received a reply from Timex. They said:

“Please note that all wristbands can be replaced. If your watch has the integrated strap, it can be replaced by our technicians. You can mail your watch to us. The cost is $17.00 plus taxes. This includes the shipping and handling.”

That ain’t so bad after all. I will do this – it’s worth $17 for me to have the watch usable again.

I did already plan on a new watch (a Garmin) purchase, as a result of all this, but I can definitely have use for a backup watch.

So there you go, if you have a broken wristband on your Timex watch, contact Timex via phone or email.

Timex Canada contact details are at
and Timex USA is at

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6 thoughts on “How to get a Timex Ironman Watch wristband replaced

  1. Just to add if your based in the UK like myself the the company who owns Timex is Zeon. Usually for a watch repair company to be able to obtain parts for the watch they usually need to sell them. Well this is the case for companies in the UK. Hope they may be of help for your UK readers.

  2. I had my integrated strap replaced in August 2012. It is broken again, just over 2 years…. and I wore the watch less than in the first couple of years.

    Nice watch but I would avoid integrated straps in future. Seems to be a high maintenance cost, especially since it has to be sent in each time to have the strap changed. Silly.

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