Running in the cold

One of the benefits with living in Alberta is that you get to run in variety of weather conditions. In the summer, we have hot days and we all complain about it.

Then we have days like most of December 2009, where the quicksilver dipped under -30 quite a few times. Brr.

Ahh, the beauty of a cold run. We put on double and sometimes triple layers, like everywhere. Then two pairs of mitts, balaclava and a hat on top. Double socks too. Ahh, see, that’s why smart winter runners buy running shoes for winter training with a shoe size a couple of numbers too large. Then you can fit more layers of socks in your shoes for those freezing runs we know will eventually come.

So, what do you look like when you dress up for one of these “Siberian runs”?

For your entertainment, this is what I looked like today, after coming in from a run in a balmy -23. There was a strong wind however, so it felt like -37.

Robert's back from a cool run
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One thought on “Running in the cold

  1. Nice look. I ran the Resolution Run last night here in Calgary. There were 1500 people who looked just like you. Best part was, we all had our res run jackets on so no one could tell who was who…

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