Timex Ironman Wristband Broke

I bought a Timex Ironman with 150 lap memory a couple of years ago. I have really liked it a lot during this time. It’s almost the perfect watch for me. In the summer, I run lots of intervals, and the 150 lap memory is really great for this. Sometimes I don’t write down my workouts right away, but with 150 slots for storing laps, many days of workouts can be stored on this watch.

One drawback is that the beeps from it are too quiet for my old ears. It’s possible to set it to beep at whatever intervals you want, but it’s kind of pointless if you can’t hear those beeps.

Timex Ironman 150

So what happened today then? Well, the *** wristband broke, that’s what happened! It has a thick rubber wristband, which looks strong. Needless to say, I was very surprised it just snapped like that.

So, I figured I just get a new wristband. Well, hold your horses cowboy, it’s just not that easy. The Timex Ironman watches are great, but the design is STUPID! It’s nearly impossible to change the silly wristband. Take the wristband off, and the whole dang thing falls apart. I have no idea how I could replace this thing by myself.

I called Timex today to find out where and how to get a new wristband for this watch. Turns out they are closed until next week. Brilliant.

I guess I’m a typical runner – my running watch is a big deal, and I can’t function without it! If I can’t get my Timex watch back on my arm soon, I think I’m done with Timex watches. That is, unless they have a better wristband design nowadays. This is the second Timex I’ve had, where that wristband broke.

If you have any tips for good running watches with lots of memory for laps, let me know. Those new, cool Garmins do have be semi-interested, but I haven’t looked closely at them to see what they can do. I certainly don’t need a million features, but I do need to be able to store lots of lap times!

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6 thoughts on “Timex Ironman Wristband Broke

  1. Hi Robert, I found your most excellent blog last week and have now linked it to mine. Thanks for your writing! I use the Garmin 305 with great success! I don’t use all the features, but it pretty much does everything. The newest one has auto downloading of your info as soon as you walk in he house, via wireless connection, that way you get your info into the comp without trying! I thinks its thew 310cx. Hope your leg feels better!

    Neil – Calgary

  2. Hi Neil! Thank you very much, I will have a look at the 305. Is it easy to use for doing intervals, are buttons easy to press, etc? 1000 laps it says on the website, wow. That’s a lot!

  3. There is a lap button on the front that is VERY easy to press even with mitts. You can configure the readout as well, from showing 1 stat up to 4 stats, I show at all times Time, distance, Current pace and average pace. Also, I think Costco has these on for 169.00 right now… Incredible deal as I paid $300+ a year ago. This one has the Heart Rate strap too.

    The only downside is the batterylife. Probably 6-10 hours in one stint before needing recharging. I guess with all the functions + GPS its to be expected tho.

    Good luck in the new year!

  4. I’ve been using a Timex Ironman 100 lap watch for years, but am having the same problem – I miss hearing beeps and need a new wristband.

    I’m looking for a new timing device sometime in the near future as well, so any comments to that effect will be welcome!

  5. Hey Robert, I found this blog because I just did a search for a way to replace a similar wristband on my Timex Ironman watch. I originally thought the contoured web-like wristband was cool but it eventually broke and, as you mentioned, is an integral part of the watch. I haven’t used it for quite awhile but I really liked it. I use a Garmin 305 for all my triathlon training except for swimming and it is fantastic. The numbers are big enough for my aging eyes too! For me it has three great features: the ability to create a workout on my desktop and load it into the watch; the ability to download workouts from the watch; the ability to view my routes and workout measurements at my leisure on my desktop. BUT, I still like the idea of throwing on a lightweight, multi-lap, count-down-repeat-timer watch! So my quest for a strap or a new watch goes on!

    Keep on running!

    Frank – Penticton, BC

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