Ran 4.5 km today

After my ultrasound treatment on Tuesday, the injured calf muscle has been a bit sore, but I’ve been diligently stretching and also performed some light massage to the area.

Today, I felt it was time for a test. I went for 4.5 km easy run, and some discomfort was noticeable, but not at all like it’s been earlier. This is a step in the right direction, so to speak.

I definitely need to continue working on stretching this muscle – I think this will be the key in recovering from this injury. This is the least painful run I’ve had in about 2 months now, and this make me happy.

The weather is nice here today; around minus 10 Celsius and no wind. The sun is shining and it’s a lovely day!

Amalia and I went down to Mirror Lake this afternoon, and took some photos. This one turned out pretty good I think? The rest of the photos can be seen on my Picasa album.

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