A week after the marathon

Well, it’s been an interesting week following Calgary Marathon 2009, one week ago. In the race, my legs felt good until 40 km, which is very positive for me. I must be quite well trained, because I have never felt this good after a marathon before. I have recovered amazingly quickly, for being me, at least. I am almost 40 years old, you know!

I took Monday off, but I ran a few intervals on Tuesday, two days after the marathon, and I could do a 34 second 200 without problems. Still, I have deliberately taken it easy this week, and I have also noticed that my body can run fast easily, but after 45 minutes or so, the legs start getting tired. Understandably!

Yesterday Sunday, I ran 19 km, but I did not feel very strong on that one. My body is a bit tired overall. I am still recovering and have to train with my head and realize I need to slowly and gradually get back into harder training.

Speaking of harder, this upcoming weekend it looks like I will run a very tough cross-country race in Devon. It’s one of the 5 Peak Series races, and it’s over 14 km with almost 1 km elevation gain! I am terrible at cross-country running, but hey, it’s a challenge, and challenges I like to take on. Should be fun, bloody hard, or both. 🙂

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