One week before the marathon…

Just one week now to Calgary Marathon. Last weekend, I ran the half-marathon in Red Deer in 1:14:57. I was happy with that race, but this week I have found out that it really took it out of me. Running has not felt easy this week, and I have had minor pains all over. I am in tapering mode, and I took 2 rest days this week. 70.5 kilometres for the week. Next week will be very easy.

Yesterday, I did a 10 km tempo run on the track in 34:56. On my way home, I threw in a 3:12 km too, just see how the body would react. The workout felt okay, but not as easy as I had hoped. I’m hoping I will start feeling fresh soon, since I have not run much at all this week.

Today, I ran 1:58 easy, although my legs are still not feeling the way I would like. Maybe some of this is just the anticipation of next weekend’s race. When you trained well for a while and lower the mileage suddenly, it is actually quite common to feel sluggish overall. Next week, I’ll do a few 1 km intervals at threshold pace on Tuesday, but other than that, just easy, shorter runs before Sunday’s marathon.

I’m very impressed by my friend Brendan’s running lately. We train together, and last weekend he ran 2:45 on the marathon in Red Deer, and today, I’m looking at the Saskatoon Marathon race results, and the man just ran 2:42 today! Holy Macaroni! I am severly scared of getting my butt kicked majorly by Brendan in Calgary!

Then we have Ian, who ran a marathon yesterday in Vermilion and also today in Saskatoon! He has trained very well for a long time and I definitely have to watch for him in Calgary too. Two guys in this little town I live who have the potential to kick my butt in the marathon! It will be interesting, that’s all I can say…

This how much I have run in kilometres for the last 12 weeks:

  1. May 70.5
  2. May 97.5
  3. May 142
  4. April 110
  5. April 90.5
  6. April 106.5
  7. April 110.5
  8. March 119
  9. March 113.5
  10. March 102.7
  11. March 105
  12. March 100.5
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